Schoolfilms specialises in making films for educational organisations. We make films for schools, colleges, universities, charities and councils. We are a small team of award winning film makers who are passionate about education.

Film is often THE most effective and cost effective way to tell a story. It offers an audience a multi-sensory immersion.

Schoolfilms gets under the skin of an organisation and articulates the essence of ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want to say’.  A good film offers a sense of connection with a desired audience. It also reinforces an organisation’s culture/ brand and  sense of community.

If the brief is for a promotional film, we work closely with the marketing team to ensure that the film supports the overall marketing strategy and complements a well designed, informative and socially connected school website. Linked with a website, and social media, films have enormous reach and drive traffic to websites. Our films, even for tiny organisations, frequently get 10,000′s views! Our film, ‘What is a Steiner School’ has had over 70,000 views.

If the film is educational, we spend time understanding the topic and the audience.  We ensure the film connects with the audience and reflects the culture of your organisation. Our film ‘The Power of Schemas’ for Kent County Council’s Early Years Department, just won the Nursery World’s Prize for Educational Resources of the Year. DVD’s of this film are sold by the council who hope to recoup the cost of film.

We also run interactive and powerful visual arts, branding, marketing, school video and film-making workshops, where students become the film makers.

Our service is highly cost and time effective. The whole team discount their commercial rates for educational and charitable projects. Short films can be as little as £350 so do Get In Touch with us to find out more.


 ”How anyone can not want to send their child to our school after having watched all the amazing films you made is beyond me.”
Astrid Maclean, Teacher, Edinburgh Steiner School

“Yesterday I met someone who had moved from the West of Scotland to Edinburgh to go to a Steiner school based on watching your films!”
Simon Fildes

© 2012 Saskia Anley and John Tattersall