Saskia Anley has been a professional producer and director for fifteen years. She has won numerous awards and has credits on Channel 4, BBC and ITV. She has directed over fifty promotional films for leading blue chip companies in Europe.

Saskia is passionate about education and documentary film. She lives in Canterbury, Kent with her family. email:

Johnny Tattersall is an multi-EMMY Award Winning  cinematographer, with over twenty years experience in film and TV. He has filmed ground breaking shows, including twenty-one seasons of the CBS-USA TV hit series “Survivor”, among hundreds of other shows, commercials and films around the world. email:  Johnny is a world citizen and lives between Europe and The States. He has first option on all of our projects, but if he is unavailable, we have a team of UK based camera people who step in.

Simon Fildes is an award winning editor and a rare combination of artist and technician. Simon has edited many award winning broadcast documentaries and is revered in the world of Dance Film for his sensitive creative approach to editing. He is the storyteller and weaves the material into form and ensures the latest technology is used to capture the largest web audience.

Schoolfilms dynamic team are all educators. Saskia spent five years as an experiential educator with Outward Bound in the USA, working in schools and the wilderness. She has run hundreds of educational workshops and retreats with children and adults across the globe in schools and universities.

Johnny is also the founder of “The Ten Project”, an educational project endorsed by Sir Ken Robinson (former UK government advisor on education) and major schools and museums in New York and Australia, that engages the creativity and perspectives of children around ten years old in the improvement of their urban environments.

Simon has pioneered many innovative Arts based educational initiatives and projects around Europe. He co-ran the Digital Arts programme at Dundee University for many years.

Contact Saskia for a free consultation. She will be more than happy to so discuss  your proposed project.


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